Green smoothie bowl with cinnamon and bananas

Post-Workout Smoothie Bowl

Optimize your workouts and muscle gains with this post-workout smoothie bowl recipe! 
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Plate with roasted acorn squash with cranberry quinoa stuffing

Roasted acorn squash with cranberry quinoa stuffing

This stuffed, roasted squash isn't trying to trick you into thinking it's stuffed with meat. And it doesn't have to! The cranberry quinoa filling is satisfying enough on its own, full of spiced...
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Branzino fish

Branzino in Parchment

The pairing of lemon, fresh herbs and sweet fennel highlights the delicate flavors of the fish in this simple, healthy and exquisite dish. The use of parchment paper as a baking vessel not only...
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bowl of Mediterranean Inspired Quinoa

Mediterranean Quinoa

Inspired by a recipe from a student named David St. Martin, this whole grain salad has it all. Amino acid-rich quinoa combines with pine nuts and feta to provide protein. The raw herbs add the...
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Spicy Tempeh Tacos

Spicy Tempeh Tacos

If you haven't tried tempeh, this recipe is a great way to introduce you to its meaty flavor with the added bonus of providing you with some extra probiotics. That's right, because tempeh is made...
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Southwest Chipotle Chick'n Salad

Southwest Chipotle Chick'n Salad

With 25 grams of plant protein and 17 grams of fiber, this southwest chipotle chick'n salad will keep you fueled and satisfied, says Bastyr alumna Selva Wohlgemuth, MS ('14), RD,...
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Brownies on a plate.

Black Bean Brownies

You read that correctly — these rich, chocolately brownies have fantastic flavor, unexpected ingredients and are easy to make. The cameo appearance of black beans add a boost of protein and fiber.
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