Ginger Tahini Dressing

Bowl of Ginger Tahini Dressing Spice up your salad with a healthy dose of ginger, which is well-known to help soothe stomachaches and reduce nausea, but also can be used for as an anti-inflammatory throughout the body. Be sure to...


Gribiche on toast Gribiche is a traditional French sauce somewhere between a tartar and egg salad. Served over seared fish, spooned on top of roasted asparagus, or simply topping off your morning toast, it can be...

Tamari Dressing

A stylized plate and silverware. This is one of three healthy dressing recipes, including Ginger Dressing and Dill Dressing, that are perfect for spring salads.

Cashew Gravy

A stylized plate and silverware. Caramelized onions and the nutty richness of cashew butter make this creamy gravy a great sauce alternative for vegans, and a must for Rice and Walnut Loaf.