Traditional Fire Cider

Traditional Fire Cider

Traditional Fire Ciders are a specific type of oxymel, an ancient medicine that combines herbs with the soothing combination of vinegar and honey. It is believed this spiced-up version first was...
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Fresh herbs in a jar of Stinging Nettle Infusion with Mint and Clover

Stinging Nettle Infusion with Mint and Clover

This stinging nettle infusion from Jenny McGruther, one of the keynote speakers at the ...

Dandelion Root Latte

Dandelion Root Latte

Dandelion root is an excellent detoxifying herb that has been used in traditional medicine for liver support. The bioactive compounds of dandelion root stimulate the flow of bile in the body as well...

Turmeric anti-inflammation drink in glass

Turmeric Anti-Inflammation Drink

With its bright color, dynamic blend of flavors and energizing botanicals, this turmeric drink can serve as a therapeutic tonic or a post-workout recovery drink.  This recipe comes from alumna...
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Green smoothie in jar

Siona's Go Go Green Smoothie

Green foods will keep you going all day long through this energy-packed smoothie. This recipe comes from Bastyr alumnus Siona Sammartino, BS ('11), MSN ('13), RD, who can be seen on KING5...
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Herbarium cocktail in Collins glass

Herbarium Cocktail

Elderflower, basil, and lemon cucumber brighten this warm-weather cocktail from Amy Stewart, author of The Drunken Botanist: The Plants That Create the World’s Great Drinks....
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Shrubs are beverages made by infusing fresh, seasonal fruit with sugar and vineg


Shrubs are refreshing summer beverages that have been around since colonial times. Fresh fruit, sugar and vinegar combine for a bracing sweet and tart flavor that can be added to sparkling water or...

Mock Hot Chocolate Drink

Mock Hot Chocolate Drink

Enjoy this sweet, warming drink when you need a cool-weather pick-me-up! Carob comes from the seed pods of a locust tree and is rich in many nutrients. It’s delicious as a natural sweetener and...
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Cinnamon sticks, ginger, anise, whole peppercorns and cloves on prep plate

Warming Chai Tea

Making chai tea from scratch is easy and you'll appreciate how the fragrance will fill your kitchen! Your body will appreciate it, too: Ginger and cinnamon contain powerful anti-inflammatory...
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Chamomile flowers in a vase next to a tea cup

Relaxing Tea

The ingredients in Relaxing Tea are useful not just for helping you unwind, but also to give your immune system a boost. Although chamomile is best known for its calming qualities, it also can help...
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A stylized plate and silverware.

Flax Seed Oil Fruit Smoothie

Get the heart health benefits from the omega-3 oil from flax seeds.
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Cranberry Ginger Cider garnished with an orange slice

Cranberry Ginger Cider

The perfect drink to warm visitors on a chilly night. Serve it in glass mugs so folks can enjoy the deep red color. Float an orange slice on top.
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