Melon, Mint and Lime Sorbet

Melon, Mint and Lime Sorbet

There's no need to look at ingredient labels when you make your own sorbet! Try this recipe that combines sweet honeydew melon with tangy lime and the freshness as mint, which also was used as the "...
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Green Tea Frozen Yogurt Breakfast Cups

Green Tea Frozen Yogurt Breakfast Cups

Ginger Hultin, MS ('11), RDN, a nutrition supervisor at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, recommends these frozen cups of...
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Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

The special flavor of these gluten free choclate chip cookies comes from the flour blend of 1 part sweet potato flour, ½ part sorghum flour and ½ part tapioca flour. The cookie works great with...
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Brownies on a plate.

Black Bean Brownies

You read that correctly — these rich, chocolately brownies have fantastic flavor, unexpected ingredients and are easy to make. The cameo appearance of black beans add a boost of protein and fiber.
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Whole Wheat Apple Pie

Whole Wheat Apple Pie

Nutrition alumna Carly Kellogg, MS ('13), RDN, shares a recipe for Whole Wheat Apple Pie, found on her nutrition and whole foods cooking blog, Citrus and Salt...
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Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons

Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons

These Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons are a fabulous treat for those who have problems with wheat.
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Green smoothie in jar

Siona's Go Go Green Smoothie

Green foods will keep you going all day long through this energy-packed smoothie. This recipe comes from Bastyr alumnus Siona Sammartino, BS ('11), MSN ('13), RD, who can be seen on KING5...
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Easy Peach Raspberry Banano-rama Sorbeta Popsicles

Popsicles are the perfect treat to cool you down on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, a store-bought Popsicle is typically full of sugar and artificial ingredients. Can you savor a frozen treat and be...
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Avocado Cream with Blackberry Coulis with coconut on top

Avocado Cream with Blackberry Coulis

This flavorful dessert combines creamy avocados, which are a great source of fiber, potassium and vitamins C, K, folate and B6, with sweet, antioxidant-rich and brain-boosting blackberries...
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Raw Dark Chocolate Truffles

Raw Dark Chocolate Truffles

Sweetened by dates and honey, these smooth silky truffles showcase cacao at its finest. Watch this video to learn more about sugar cravings and how these treats can help.  To learn more...
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"Beet" the Blues Brownie Bites

"Beet" the Blues Brownie Bites

Who knew it was so easy turn a beet into a mood-boosting dessert? These moist and flavorful brownies from Bastyr University dietetic intern Ellie Freeman (MSN/DPD '13) pair beets with flax seeds...
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 mini "pecan pies" recipe

Maple Pecan Bon Bons

Don't have time to make a pecan pie? Try these easy mini "pecan pies" for your next holiday gathering. The dates that work as the glue to keep the bon bons together are a great source...
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Pecan Date Bon Bons, oranges on a white plate with people cooking in background.

Pecan Date Bon Bons

Although bon bons most often are filled with gooey, sweet chocolate, these equally delicious Pecan Date Bon Bons are filled with nutritious ingredients that give you fuel rather than just a sugar...
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Baked Apples with Date Pecan Filling and Rhubarb Ginger Drizzle

Baked Apples with Date Pecan Filling and Rhubarb Ginger Drizzle

Who says dessert can't be healthy? This one certainly is. In fact, it's so healthy that it was served in the Bastyr Dining...
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Carrot cake on a plate.

Honey-Sweetened Carrot Cake

Moist and rich, this standard favorite served in the Bastyr Dining Commons is sweetened with honey instead of sugar and uses oil for body.

Vegan Almond Cookies

Vegan Almond Cookies were among the desserts served on November 10, 2011, when the Bastyr Dining Commons brought an early Thanksgiving to the University community. Throughout...
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A stylized plate and silverware.

Flax Seed Oil Fruit Smoothie

Get the heart health benefits from the omega-3 oil from flax seeds.
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Chocolate-Covered Coconut Macaroon

Chocolate-Covered Coconut Macaroons

These are a fabulous sweet treat for adults or children who have problems with wheat or flour. Be sure to have a good plan for how you will use the precious yolk from the egg (hollandaise...
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Blackstrap molasses cookies on a rack

Blackstrap Molasses Cookies

Chewy flavor-packed cookies reminiscent of traditional gingerbread, but distinctly different with the loud voice of blackstrap molasses. As far as sweeteners go, blackstrap molasses wins the award...