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Roasted Parsnip Celeriac Soup


While parsnips and celeriac root both have plenty of immune-boosting vitamin C, celeriac also contains minerals such as copper, which helps restore immunity. This sweet, slightly salty and very satisfying soup was presented by Debra Brammer, ND, clinical dean of naturopathic medicine at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, during a talk called "Herbs to Support Immunity," part of the 2011 Living Naturally fall lecture series at the clinic. Watch the talk in its entirety and view Dr. Brammer’s other immune-boosting recipes via the article “Bastyr Dean Shares Recipes for Immunity.”


celeriac root
2 large
parsnips (or substitute carrots if desired)
5 large
Yukon gold potatoes
1 tbsp
dried oregano
1⁄2 tsp
sea salt
1⁄4 tsp
ground ppper
1 tsp
dried thyme (rounded)
3 tbsp
extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil
6 cup
chicken, vegetable or mushroom broth


Peel and chop all vegetables. Wash and slice leeks. Place in covered roasting pan and add the oil and seasonings. Stir to coat. Bake in 400 degree oven for 30-45 minutes, or until vegetables are soft

Cool the vegetables and process through mixer, food processor or ricer. Add the broth until desired consistency is reached. Stir well and warm before serving. This soup stores well and reheats easily in a microwave.

Celeriac root with leaves


SourceOriginal recipe by Debra Brammer, ND, Bastyr’s associate clinical dean of naturopathic medicine
Prep time
15 minutes
Cooking time
45 minutes
Total time
1 hour