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Purple Sweet Potato Soup "en croute"


A staple in the Okinawan diet – revered for wellness promotion and longevity, purple sweet potatoes provide sweet, warming nourishment and are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and trace minerals. The deep purple color comes from plant pigments called anthocyanins – very powerful antioxidants! This soup makes a most satisfying meal when paired with a roasted protein, some whole grain bread and a hearty salad. Perfect for a surprising appetizer when served “en croute” – served individually under a baked crust.


2 tbsp
olive oil
onion (medium diced)
Celery Ribs (medium diced)
carrots (medium diced)
garlic cloves (whole)
1 1⁄2 lb
purple sweet potatoes (medium diced)
thyme sprigs
bay leaves
1 tbsp
1⁄4 tsp
black pepper
2 tbsp
balsamic vinegar or cooking wine
4 cup
vegetable stock
1⁄2 cup
leaf parsley (chopped)


In a large soup pot, heat the olive oil and sauté onions for 1 minute. Add celery, carrots, garlic, and sauté for another 2-3 minutes, combining well.  Add the purple potatoes, the herbs, salt, smoked paprika and pepper. Mix well to combine all ingredients. Add the balsamic vinegar and deglaze your pan. Add the vegetable stock and bring to a boil. Turn the heat down to a simmer, and cook for about 15 minutes, until the purple potatoes are fork tender. Remove the thyme sprig and the bay leaves. Puree all ingredients in the pot using a hand blender. Add fresh parsley as a garnish.



Recipe by: Fernanda Larson, MS, CN – 2016. All rights reserved.


For wholesome seedy crust [pictured]:

  • 1 ½ cups Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1½ cups (330 g) very cold refined coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • ⅔ of a cup (160 ml) ice Water


Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cut coconut oil into small chunks and place in a bowl in the freezer.

In a food processor, pulse together flour, chia seeds and salt. Add a few chunks of coconut oil in the food processor and pulse until combined. Repeat until all oil is used.

Add a few tablespoons of cold water to the mixture and pulse. Add more water as needed until the dough comes together nicely.

On a lightly floured, flat surface, roll dough into a ball and press flat into a disk. Wrap in plastic wrap and place in freezer for freezer for 10 minutes.

Remove dough from freezer. Roll out the dough until it’s about ¼ inch thick. Cut into desired shape and bake in a preheated oven for about 15 minutes, until golden brown. Remove from heat and cool in wire rack.


Prep time: 30 minutes

Makes about one 9-inch pie crust disk.

Bowl of sweet potato soup with wholesome seedy crust crackers


Prep time
30 minutes
Cooking time
Total time
30 minutes