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Pecan Date Bon Bons


Although bon bons most often are filled with gooey, sweet chocolate, these equally delicious Pecan Date Bon Bons are filled with nutritious ingredients that give you fuel rather than just a sugar rush. The added touch of miso will aid digestion, giving you even more reason to add these bon bons to your after-dinner dessert repertoire!


3⁄4 cup
1⁄2 cup
pitted dates, chopped
2 tsp
orange zest (use more, if desired)
1 pinch
sea salt
1⁄4 tsp
1⁄2 tsp
white miso (double amount, if desired)
1 tbsp
maple syrup
1⁄4 cup
shredded coconut


Preheat oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Place pecans on a cookie sheet and bake/toast for about 10 minutes, until they begin to give off aroma.

Put all ingredients except coconut in food processor. Pulse until you have an even mealy texture. With moist hands, roll the mixture into 1-inch balls. Spread coconut on a plate and roll each ball in the coconut, covering each one evenly.

Serve with orange slices from the orange you zested.

Pecan Date Bon Bons, oranges on a white plate with people cooking in background.


bon bons
SourceRecipe reprinted with permission from Feeding the Young Athlete by Cynthia Lair with Scott Murdoch, PhD, RD
Prep time
10 minutes
Cooking time
10 minutes
Total time
20 minutes