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Eggless Nog


This “eggnog” hits all the points of a traditional one while being dairy and egg-free and sweetened with dates. Enjoy hot or chilled with as much spice as you like!


cashews (soaked until soft (about 15 minutes), and drained)
dates (Fresh and pitted)
water (Cold or hot, as needed)
ground nutmeg, Ceylon cinnamon, fresh vanilla bean (to taste)
Pinch sea salt


1. Place cashews and dates in a high-speed blender (approximately 2 dates for every 1 cup cashews) with a splash of water (hot or cold depending on preference). Add spices to taste, starting with a pinch of each and adding more after blending/tasting. Blend on high, slowly streaming in water until you reach your desired thickness and until smooth.

2. Taste. Assess the thickness, sweetness, and spices. Adjust by blending in another date or two, more spices, or more water, as necessary. The nog will thicken as it sits, so keep that in mind when adding water.

3. Once to your liking, serve or store in the fridge 2-3 days.