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Dandelion Root Latte


Dandelion root is an excellent detoxifying herb that has been used in traditional medicine for liver support. The bioactive compounds of dandelion root stimulate the flow of bile in the body as well as helping stimulate enzymes in the liver that help bind toxins for excretion. Its bitter and roasted taste is often compared to coffee and can also be used to reduce caffeine consumption. This recipe adapted by nutrition student Mirit Markowitz was shared with the audience at her talk in April 2015 with fellow student Kelsey Perusse called "Start Spring Fresh with Detoxifying Foods." 


1 tbsp
roasted dandelion root (or 2 bags of Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Root tea)
1 tsp
loose leaf rooibos tea (or 1 bag of rooibos tea)
  to taste
coconut milk (optional)
  to taste
honey (optional)


Put tea bags and spices in pot, teapot or other drink container.

Add 16-20 ounces boiling water and steep for 10-15 minutes.

Add coconut milk and honey to taste.