New Formulas from the Botanical Medicine Lab

tincture with flowers

Isn’t it funny how people respond to a crisis? Some people reach wide into the fringes and feel around for the edges of their security blanket. I never thought the natural world, since it predates us and produced us, would ever find itself in the “fringe,” but we have just witnessed the product shelves go bare, the supply houses go empty, and the herb farmers signing contracts to promise and pre-sell their entire next yield. So this has spun us with amazement, as more research is now being funded and proposed, more collaborations are happening between mainstream and naturopathic physicians, botanical medicine specialists and Chinese herbal medicine experts, clinicians and record numbers of applicants are entering this exciting (and beautiful, aromatic, culturally rich) field of science. What an unexpected turn of events, focusing our human energy back to the natural world and sort of reigniting our instincts.

We at Bastyr have been listening and participating, and we realize that we need to improve access and make these resources available to everyone. Last spring we held an online medicinal plant sale, and were astounded at the response. Everything sold out in a matter of hours! 

Public Dispensary Open

Now that the garden season is coming to a close, we’ve decided to open our Public Dispensary so you can purchase bulk herbs and supplies online and by phone. In future months we will improve our online botanical medicine information services, to be sure you have access to the latest evidence-based findings on medicinal herbs. 

Create Herbal Blend at Home

But for now, here is one herbal formula to begin with that has been proven to bolster your primary host defenses: your mucus membranes. While we stay alert to our ever-changing world and learn new ways to live our best lives, why not add in the daily habit of health-boosting herbs? This formula may be created as a tea or tincture, and is meant to be sipped hot, warm, or cold throughout the day, or the tincture taken straight or in a bit of water, about 2 squirts twice per day.  

Marshmallow Root

The herbal blend contains marshmallow root, that is traditionally used to keep your respiratory, digestive, and urinary systems moist and resilient. In a world where a simple cough can put you out of the game, it’s important to keep your mucus membranes free of irritation. Marshmallow root is safe, tastes sweet and neutral, and supports healthy mucus membrane function.

Lemon Balm

Another herb that has gotten closer scrutiny of late is lemon balm. As one of our favorites for brightening a grey mood, and imparting a soft lemony flavor, it has been shown to be effective treating numerous types of viral and bacterial infections. Lemon Balm is also safe and tastes astringent, which helps tone up the surfaces of mucus membranes. 

Lady's Mantle

Finally, the lady’s mantle helps modulate the inflammatory response. It’s full of minerals that support smooth and skeletal muscle movements as well as their relaxation, and these same minerals support your nervous system. Lady’s mantle happens to be my favorite substitute for green tea. It has a gentle astringency and full body flavor that brings the formula together, but it also contains flavonoids that reduce inflammation. 


This formula can be made by anyone, enjoyed daily, and will build the resiliency your body needs to live your best life. If you want the tea or tincture blended by the Bastyr Public Dispensary, just call or email them. Otherwise, these ingredients and supplies are available in loose amounts for you to build your own mini-dispensary at home, and begin customizing your formulas to the unique needs of your day. 
Membrane No-Brainer

  • 1 part Organic lady’s mantle leaf 
  • 1 part Organic linden leaf and flower 
  • 1 part Organic lemon balm leaf
  • ½ part Organic holy basil leaf
  • ½ part Organic marshmallow root

Choose what a “part” represents based on how much you want to make. If a “part” equals one tablespoon of bulk plant material, you will end up with four total tablespoons (which would make one very nice quart of tea). Ask the dispensary for ideas on blending the herbs for a tincture. 

Place Your Order!

All ingredients can be purchased at the Bastyr Dispensary! Call 206.834.4114 to place an order.

Article and Recipe by Jenn Dazey, ND