Revamp your Leftovers


Cooking once and eating for the week can have its advantages; it reduces food costs, kitchen waste, and time. However, eating the same meal over and over can quickly become boring. One simple way to avoid this is by meal planning. As you plan meals for the week, envision how to use the same ingredients in multiple ways. For instance, brown rice can be used for a stir fry, warm grain salad, and breakfast porridge. Even with clever meal planning, sometimes we still end up with more leftovers than we care to enjoy. Before you decide to toss that last serving, try one of these simple tips.


1. Put an Egg on it:  

Frittatas and scrambles were made for leftovers. All you need are a few leftover ingredients and you can easily whip up one of these egg dishes in no time.

  • If you have: leftover vegetables, greens, eggs, cheese
  • Make: a spinach frittata, vegetable scramble, sweet potato hash


2. DIY Salad and Grain Bowls:

Salads and grain bowls offer limitless possibilities for leftovers. Hot or cold, these quick-to-assemble meals can be made using any leftover ingredients you may have on hand. Use this formula for instant inspiration:

  • Base: whole grain or leafy greens
  • Protein: legumes, eggs, meat
  • Vegetables: any leftovers
  • Toppings: nuts, seeds, avocado
  • Dressing: pesto, vinaigrette, tahini


3. Blend it:

Soups are an easy way to completely revamp your leftovers, both in flavor and texture. Heat the leftover vegetables and legumes with stock and fresh herbs. Using an immersion blender, puree until smooth.

  • If you have: leftover beans, lentils, vegetables, greens, fresh herbs
  • Make: butternut squash soup, curry lentil vegetable soup, tomato and chickpea bisque


Ready to up your leftovers game? Let’s get cooking!  


Katherine Ratliff Nutrition Student, '17