holding apple and bag of produce

What It Really Means to Eat the Rai...

Learn how to get your fill of phytochemicals from various colorful fruits and veggies.

man with bag of produce

4 Tips for a Naturally Healthier Ki...

Buying organic is just one way you can make thoughtful food decisions that support and nourish your body and health.

The Best of the Grill: Fruits and...

Fruits and veggies are tremendous grilled, and worth making room for, in the name of both flavor and health.

Eczema on elbow

Eczema: Causes and Natural Treatmen...

Individualized care can help find the right treatment for atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema.

Tips to Save Money by Not Wasting F...

If you're like most Americans, you're throwing away as much as $500 a year in wasted food. Here are three ways to help you give up that wasteful habit.

Thirsty? Why It's Important to...

Mood and fatigue are easy signs of possible dehydration, but being aware of your fluid intake before you even get to that point can help you avoid other side effects of dehydration.

woman with white teeth eating salad

Simple Tips to Improve Oral and Ove...

Keeping your dental hygiene in check is not just about having a nice smile. Your oral health can actually have lasting effects on your overall health.

barrel of fish

Pros and Cons of Farmed vs. Wild-Ca...

Salmon and shrimp and snapper oh my! These are just a few of the countless creatures and crustaceans produced by the $78 billion aquaculture industry each year.

woman crying

Embrace Your Tears: The Benefits of...

Crying isn't just about "letting it all out. Tears have a much wider scope, similar to how we love.

woman holding spinach

Tips to Embrace Eating with the Sea...

Eating seasonally is great for the environment and the community and your taste buds will be glad you did.

grilling outside

Backyard BBQ: Beloved Bedevilment t...

Here are some tips on how to embrace the “barbie” while minimizing detrimental effects on our environment and health.

women meditating

Steps to Add Meditation to Your Dai...

It just takes two minutes out of your busy day to get started on a meditation routine that is sure to help you de-stress and improve your sleep.

Is Moringa "Superplant" W...

The leaves of this tropical plant are high in protein, antioxidants and minerals, but other superfoods may be a better option until it can be more locally sourced.

tent in the woods

Tents, Trees and Healthy Meals

Take your enjoyment of the outdoors while camping to the next level by making delicious, sustainable food that's both good for you and the planet.

Woman hiking in meadow toward mountains.

Resources to Take a Vacation in You...

Don't let the pressure of planning a big vacation prevent you from taking a break. Here are four resources to help you take a "vacation" that won't break the bank or your stress level.

Spinach in a bowl

5 Whole Foods to Fuel Your Brain

Talk about food for thought! These delicious foods can help fuel your body and your mind.

How and Why to Bring the Farm to Yo...

The farm-to-table trend is more than a buzzword. Here are the numbers to support the benefits of buying from your local farmers market or CSA.

Detoxify Your Cleaning Routine

The chemicals found in many conventional cleaners can range from mildly irritating to carcinogenic or downright damaging to your body and the environment. Do yourself and the planet a favor by making your own using safe, natural products.

A jet plane in the sky bordered by tree branches

Natural Ways to Reduce Jet Lag

Avoid jet lag on your next trip... naturally.

A bowl of walnuts and a bunch of bananas on a table

Trouble Sleeping? Eat This!

In search of better rest? Try these foods rich in nutrients that support a healthy sleep cycle.

Step Aside Candida, There’s New Kin...

If you're suffering from digestive issues, you may want to consider whether small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is to blame.

A fruit tree in blossom against a blue sky

Seasonal Allergies 101

A deeper dive into the causes of allergies -- and lots of natural ways to relieve symptoms.

picture of a smoothie

4 Ways to Make Your Smoothies Healt...

Smoothies can be a source of excessive sugar or calories if you don't pay attention to ingredients.

shopping list in a supermarket

Tips for Budget-Conscious Healthy E...

Ready to begin eating healthfully on a budget?

woman hugging her cat

The Health Benefits of Love

Love is good for you – and free!

Place setting with handful of peanuts on white plate.

The Science Behind Fasting Diets

They’re touted as weight-loss tools, but these popular diets could have the opposite effect.

cow in field with windmill

Meatless Isn't Just for Monday...

As consumers and eaters, we have the power to help alleviate environmental damage.

An opened can reveals tomato sauce.

What's in a Can?

If your mission is to reduce BPA exposure via food cans, try the following.

shower head with water streaming

6 Ways to Boost Energy and Beat Fat...

Focusing on some basic lifestyle modifications can greatly improve energy.

Honey flowing into a jar.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Whole...

Nature offers plenty of wholesome substitutes for processed sugars.