Healthy Sleep Habits


prediabetes health

5 Tips for Prediabetes

November is Diabetes Awareness month and we are excited to share some tips to help reduce and regulate your blood sugar levels.

tincture with flowers

New Formulas from the Botanical Med...

All ingredients can be purchased at the Bastyr Dispensary!

Fresh, local produce

Should the Time of year Impact your...

Have you ever wondered how to reduce the carbon footprint of your diet? Seasonality of produce is a good place to start.

Person opening delivery box of food holding a tomato

Meal Delivery Kits: Convenience, Co...

Although environmental critics are disturbed by increased packaging and emissions in  meal delivery kits, current research suggests that the environmental impact from grocery store prepared meals may actually be greater.

Manilla folder with myths written on it

5 Nutrition Myths Dietitians Wish Y...

With all of the misinformation out there, it’s hard to know what is true and where to get reliable information. It is impor

Parent holding and nursing a baby

5 Superfoods to Eat while Nursing

How can you nourish your body during nursing? Here are five nutritional powerhouses that will help you get the necessary nutrients while nursing.  

View above an open can of tomatoes

Are Canned Vegetables as Healthy as...

Master of Science in Nutrition grad, Jodi Gamble, shares some insight on what you gain and lose from eating canned vegetables verses fresh.

gut health and digestive issues

Is it a Food Allergy, Intolerance,...

Do you ever experience stomach pain, bloating, gas or diarrhea after eating and wonder why? These are just a few of the symptoms that are related to a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity.

fermented foods

Prebiotics vs. Probiotics

Do you know the difference the one letter in these words make? Here is an insight into how this dynamic duo works in coordination to help keep your gut biome happy and your body healthy.

Bag of fruits and veggies with piggy bank

4 Mindful Eating Tips

The internet abounds with lists of healthful foods to eat while sticking to a budget.

Bag of vegetables on a table

8 Non-Organic Produce Items to Buy

Are you struggling to eat organic because the price tag leaves a big hole in your wallet? Fortunately, some fruits and vegetables contain less pesticide than others. Save your money next time you are out grocery shopping by going conventional on these 8 foods.

Father and child playing

5 Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips to...

Infertility is an issue affecting both men and women.

Dad eating watermelon with children by the pool

Hard Facts About Nutrition for Men ...

Some of the best and simplest ways to stave off male reproductive dysfunction involve everyday diet and lifestyle habits.

Walnuts and a brain

Five Fats for Thought

Did you know that nearly one in five Americans suffer from some sort of mental health illness (MHI)? .In fact, mental illness is the leading cause of disability and a cofactor to multiple chronic diseases worldwide. Therefore, it is no surprise that MHI is a hefty economic, social and health burden.    

Bowl of eggs and pitcher of milk

5 Sources for Protein with Less Env...

Meet your protein needs without negatively impacting the environment.

Woman using neti pot in bathroom

Tips for safe neti pot use

Jamey Wallace, chief medical officer at Bastyr University, offered some ideas of what we can do to reduce our risk of contracting the bacteria when using neti pots.

How to Avoid Feeling “Hangry”

How to avoid hanger and keep your stomach (and your mood!) happy!

Pregnant woman standing in front of refrigerator

Eating for Two: the Top 5 Nutrients...

Do you wonder if you’re eating the right foods to grow your baby while you’re pregnant? Here are the top five nutrients that support a developing baby.

4 Ways to Reduce Inflammation with...

When inflammation is ongoing and becomes chronic, it can contribute to many health conditions such as diabetes and digestive pain.

High blood pressure reading

Natural Approaches to High Blood Pr...

Over one hundred million Americans are estimated to either be on a blood pressure medication or have blood pressures above 130/80 mmHg. There are many non-pharmaceutical lifestyle approaches – including diet, exercise, weight loss, stress-reduction techniques, herbs and supplements – that can be used to successfully prevent and treat high blood pressure.

sparkling water

Breaking Down the Bubbly - Sparklin...

The “La Croix Craze” has taken the markets by storm and the choices for sparkling water are abundant, but is all water created equally?

protect your skin

The ABCs of Skin Cancer: What to lo...

With summer around the corner, it's important to protect your skin and know your risk factors for skin cancer.

Beans: Myths and Facts

Are you on a budget? Are you looking for a simple way to add some more protein to your meals? Beans are a wonderful way to “beef up” your meals without breaking the bank!

3 Ways to Improve Gut Health with W...

Remember when your mother always told you to “trust your gut”? Turns out she was right! Good health starts in your gut.

Children playing

9 Tips to Fight Childhood Obesity

Currently, approximately one third of all children and teens in the United States can be classified as either overweight or obese. What can be done to lower this number?

longer lasting produce

Extending the Life of Fresh Foods

Before you throw away that limp bunch of kale, consider that nearly 40% of all food produced in the U.S goes to waste every year.

Woman holding abdomen over where pain can be felt

Natural Ways to Treat Bladder Pain...

Natural Ways to Treat Bladder Pain Syndrome

Soybeans growing on plant

Debunking Three Myths about Soy

What's fact and what's fiction? Soybeans are nutrient powerhouses, yet conflicting results from research has created fear in the consumption of this wholesome food.