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5 Superfoods to Eat while Nursing Parent holding and nursing a baby How can you nourish your body during nursing? Here are five nutritional powerhouses that will help you get the necessary nutrients while nursing.   5 Nutrition Myths Dietitians Wish You Would Just Forget  Manilla folder with myths written on it

With all of the misinformation out there, it’s hard to know what is true and where to get reliable information. It is impor

Immune Support Soup Ginger The warming qualities of ginger can help heat you from the inside-out, making it an ideal ingredient for immune-support foods. Powerful Plants to Boost Immunity During Cold & Flu Season Elderberry and Echinacea plants and teas

Are your co-workers and friends getting sick? Worried you’ll be next? Luckily, there are ways to boost your immune system and reduce the chances of getting sick – herbs. 

Boost your Immunity Naturally In light of the current outbreak of the Corona virus, we wanted to support you and your family in staying healthy this winter in whatever way we can! You should certainly be following all the current guidelines your local and state health departments put forward, but we can also make sure we are at our healthiest to support our body and immune system! Are Canned Vegetables as Healthy as Fresh?   View above an open can of tomatoes Master of Science in Nutrition grad, Jodi Gamble, shares some insight on what you gain and lose from eating canned vegetables verses fresh. Make the Switch to Alternative Sweeteners

Are you cutting back on white sugar? There are plenty of other natural sweeteners that you can use instead!

Is it a Food Allergy, Intolerance, or Sensitivity? gut health and digestive issues Do you ever experience stomach pain, bloating, gas or diarrhea after eating and wonder why? These are just a few of the symptoms that are related to a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity.
Prebiotics vs. Probiotics fermented foods Do you know the difference the one letter in these words make? Here is an insight into how this dynamic duo works in coordination to help keep your gut biome happy and your body healthy. 8 Non-Organic Produce Items to Buy Bag of vegetables on a table

Are you struggling to eat organic because the price tag leaves a big hole in your wallet? Fortunately, some fruits and vegetables contain less pesticide than others. Save your money next time you are out grocery shopping by going conventional on these 8 foods.

Five Fats for Thought Walnuts and a brain Did you know that nearly one in five Americans suffer from some sort of mental health illness (MHI)? .In fact, mental illness is the leading cause of disability and a cofactor to multiple chronic diseases worldwide. Therefore, it is no surprise that MHI is a hefty economic, social and health burden.     Heart Beet Donuts Plate of donuts with white frosting and pink sprinkles This healthier doughnut contains no artificial colors or refined sugars! Beet juice gives it the vibrant pink color, plus extra nutrients such as folate and fiber. These vegan doughnuts are a treat for the taste buds and the eyes!
Melon, Mint and Lime Sorbet Melon, Mint and Lime Sorbet There's no need to look at ingredient labels when you make your own sorbet! Try this recipe that combines sweet honeydew melon with tangy lime and the freshness as mint, which also was used as the "Cold Amuse" at the 2016 final dinner presented by Bastyr University students graduating from the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Culinary Arts program. Read more about the annual event in the article Culinary Prowess on Display at Final Dinner, including links to some of the other recipes. 4 Mindful Eating Tips Bag of fruits and veggies with piggy bank

The internet abounds with lists of healthful foods to eat while sticking to a budget.

Do We Really Need Insoluble Fiber? Close up of wheat in wheat field

Fiber. We've all heard about how we need more of it, but how important is it really to our health?

5 Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips to Improve Male Fertility  Father and child playing

Infertility is an issue affecting both men and women.

Hummus Flatbread Pizza hummus flatbread pizza This vegetarian version of pizza is a great way to fill up on heart friendly fiber from legumes and whole wheat flour.  The love is further enhanced by colorful vegetables which provide a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Nurture affection during the cooking process of this recipe and share it with your loved ones as an entrée or snack.This vegetarian version of pizza is a great way to fill up on heart friendly fiber from legumes and whole wheat flour.  The love is further enhanced by colorful vegetables which provide a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Nurture affection during the cooking process of this recipe and share it with your loved ones as an entrée or snack. Post-Workout Smoothie Bowl Green smoothie bowl with cinnamon and bananas Optimize your workouts and muscle gains with this post-workout smoothie bowl recipe!  Tempeh Summer Rolls Plate of tempeh summer rolls and dipping sauce These tempeh summer rolls are healthy, adaptable, and make a wonderful light dinner, lunch, or appetizer. Make them with your favorite vegetables and herbs, and serve with a creative dipping sauce!       Berry Pie baking pan of berry pie and ready served plate of pie Enjoy a hint of cinnamon and a boost in antioxidants with this Bastyr Commons berry pie recipe. Courtesy of Bastyr's Chef, Joe Ladine. 
Immune-Boosting Brown Rice Congee (Savory Chinese Rice Porridge) immune boosting brown rice congee *** Originally posted by Edible San Diego Heart-Healthy Raw Chocolate Tartlets chocolate tart, chocolate dessert, chocolate, chocolate mousse, heart healthy dessert *** Recipe originally posted on Edible San Diego Stress-Busting Collard Green Salmon Wraps lettuce wraps, healthy eating *** Recipe originally featured in Edible San Diego Fermented Hot Chili-Garlic Sauce Fermented Hot Chili-Garlic Sauce *** Recipe originally published in Edible San Diego
Rainbow Layered Kraut Plate of rainbow color layered sauerkraut on top of salad Need to meal prep? Try Bastyr's Nutrition Department's Rainbow Layered Sauerkraut to add to any salad, sandwich, taco, or eat by itself!   Baked "Caramel" Apples Apples and cinnomon sticks This extra easy recipe is a healthy alternative to the classic caramel apple. Although it requires a bit of imagination, this staightforward dish delivers all the time-honored flavors generall associated with the season.  Mediterranean Red Lentil Soup with Herbs Red lentil soup bowl with herbs and spoon A Mediterranean-inspired soup dish full of whole foods! 5 Sources for Protein with Less Environmental Impact Bowl of eggs and pitcher of milk Meet your protein needs without negatively impacting the environment.
What are complementary proteins, and how do we get them? Rice and beans in a bowl.

Pairing the right foods throughout your day can ensure you're eating a complete protein.

What is Your Thyroid and What Does it do? Woman's feet on a scale.

Because it affects virtually every organ in our bodies, the thyroid gland can be linked to modest changes in body weight and energy levels.