Yucca Fries with Cilantro Mayo

There are few things that can beat a good side of salty, crisp fries. Enjoy this healthier twist on a side item staple.

Grilled Portabella “Ribs”

Portabella mushrooms are a versatile, flavorful ingredient that is nutrient packed and can easily fit into any BBQ party – no matter the audience! Try marinating with different sauces before...

Creamy Vegan Potato Salad

The beloved Summer picnic salad gets a healthy – and green makeover! Using avocados instead of mayo makes a delicious creamy dressing you can feel good about!

Branzino in Parchment

Branzino fish The pairing of lemon, fresh herbs and sweet fennel highlights the delicate flavors of the fish in this simple, healthy and exquisite dish. The use of parchment paper as a baking vessel not only...

Mediterranean Quinoa

Mediterranean Inspired Quinoa Inspired by a recipe from a student named David St. Martin, this whole grain salad has it all. Amino acid-rich quinoa combines with pine nuts and feta to provide protein. The raw herbs add the...

Spiced Almonds

This quick and easy snack is the perfect way to add a little zest to your day!

Berry Pie

Mixed Berry Pie Enjoy a hint of cinnamon and a boost in antioxidants with this Bastyr Commons recipe. Courtesy of Bastyr's Chef, Joe Ladine. 

Shrimp Dumplings

Shrimp Dumplings
  • Combine mashed shrimp, Asian chives, shitake mushroom, minced peeled ginger, and vegetable oil in a bowl, mix well with a spoon.
  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and...

Delightful Chicken Dumplings

Delightful Chicken Dumplings
  • The combination of ginger and scallion adds a unique fragrance to the chicken flavor.


Fall Harvest Salad with Pumpkin Dressing

Harvest Salad Salads are not just for summer. They are a simple way to add nutritious, seasonal ingredients to your diet year-round. 

Chocolate Covered Coconut Macaroons

These are a fabulous sweet treat for adults or children that have problems with wheat or flour.  Be sure to have a good plan for how you will use the precious yolk from the egg (hollandaise?)....

Winter Fruit Almond Cobbler

The unique use of crispy almonds and arrowroot makes this versatile recipe a winner. Zesty and wholesome, it adapts beautifully to many different seasonal fruit. Apples, stone fruit, berries –...

Gingerbread Cookies

  Children love making and decorating these tasty little cookie people. Unrefined cane sugar is a naturally processed sweetener where the juice from organically grown sugar cane is simply...

Hummus Flatbread Pizza

This vegetarian version of pizza is a great way to fill up on heart friendly fiber from legumes and whole wheat flour.  The love is further enhanced by colorful vegetables which provide a...

Holiday Veggie Loaf with Mushroom Gravy

Here’s a quick and easy recipe that is vegetarian, using basic ingredients that you’ll have sitting around in the kitchen. Not only will you save time, but this recipe is healthy and can...

Spicy Tempeh Tacos

Spicy Tempeh Tacos If you haven't tried tempeh, this recipe is a great way to introduce you to its meaty flavor with the added bonus of providing you with some extra probiotics. That's right, because tempeh is...

Southwest Chipotle Chick'n Salad

Southwest Chipotle Chick'n Salad With 25 grams of plant protein and 17 grams of fiber, this meal will keep you fueled and satisfied, says Bastyr alumna Selva Wohlgemuth, MS ('14), RD, who shares this recipe...

Cheesy Polenta Bites with a Trio of Aiolis

Cheesy Polenta Bites on plate The expert-level recipe for Cheesy Polenta Bites Served with a Trio of Aiolis was among the 10 courses served at the 2016 final dinner presented by students graduating from the ...

Melon, Mint and Lime Sorbet

Melon, Mint and Lime Sorbet There's no need to look at ingredient labels when you make your own sorbet! Try this recipe that combines sweet honeydew melon with tangy lime and the freshness as mint, which also was used as...